Any advice on placement of mixed colours blonde & brown please?


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Jul 16, 2011
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I am hoping to get some advice from the experts on how to best place pre-bonded hair extensions in two colours for the most natural look. I am applying blonde and brown I have 100grams of blonde and 50grams of brown. I never was shown this on training and I never thought to ask.

Any help is hugely appreciated as I am applying them tomorrow to my client eeekkk:rolleyes:

Mnay thanks x
Anyone please? Sorry to be pushy its just my client is coming at 10am in the morning....thanks x
where is the blonde and brown in her natural hair? there must be a pattern for you to have chosen 100g of one and 50g of the other :) follow where her own hilites and lolites are hon and you'll be fine. is there a big difference in the colours? xx
Great thank you so much I was assuming that but I just needed clarification from an expert :)

She has blonde with a mix of brownish tones in her own hair there is a good contrast in the both colours I when I get to say the brown hair I just add a brown bond and so on?

Thanks for the help x
yeah thats what i would do so you dont end up with a colour "shelf" (dont know if thats the right word lol) where her own hair stops and the extension hair starts if you know what i mean? only thing i would do though is if there are any bits of her own hair that look like they need broken up a bit (eg a chunk of blonde from hilites next to each other) would be to pop the other colour inbetween to soften the look. otherwise id just follow what is there already! you'll get used to the colour blending the more you do, i very very rarely do single colour, most blonds i use 3-4 shades and even really darks i use say 1b and 2 so that its not flat looking :)
good luck, let me know how you get on :) xxx
Super thanks a million for that advice....I can sleep soundly now to night lol....I am fitting them in the morning so I will let you know how it goes. x

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