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Jun 18, 2003
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cambridge,ON canada .. but originally from uk , lo
hi i was just wondering if there i s any holistic therapist on the board , as i would like some advice, a month ago my brother in law had an accident and has been left with nerve and muscle damage in his arm and neck, he has been to the hospital and to a physio but nothing is helping and the poor bloke hasnt had any sleep for a month,(not kidding) he is in agony and cant hardly do stuff , cant even drive, so was just wondering if there was anything on the holistic side that might help, aromatherapy, whatever, any help would be great, thanks love dee
Reflexology might help him,its a therapy that helps the body to heal itself, Good for many things/ailments so I'm sure he would benefit
For me it would be Reiki ......... falling off horses & a bad car crash many moons ago has left me with sciatica & for years I have visited an osteopath to releive the pain but a few months ago experienced reiki healing for the first time & it blew my mind. Since this I have been attuned in reiki myself & continue the self healing, my sciatica hasn't gone away (its not a miracle cure :lol: ) but the pain is so much less than it used to be ......... and, "touch wood", since then I haven't had a "can't get turn over in bed or get up without crying with pain" episode.
I am a qualified Holistic Therapist, and use several therapies to help my clients.
Well - to really be helpful, you need to understand the person and the problem thoroughly - Holistic treatment (as you might know) means to treat the body as a whole - which is why i do a 1 hour plus consultation prior to commencing treatment on a new client. So, any suggestions that i or anyone else give you for a complex problem in this format, with only a little information, is bound to be of limited use.

So, what i would suggest, is to find a well qualified and experienced therapist in your area who can treat your brother-in-law properly, with full consultation and understanding of the problem.

Having said that, based on the minimal information here, Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Vitamin/mineral/natural supplementation, are all routes worth exploring.

Expect to have to go for a series of treatments, and perhaps to explore more than one avenue of treatment for optimal results.

If you could elaborate a little more, it may be possible for me to advise more comprehensively.
hi thanks for the replies, he has been to a acupuncture person and is bookes for another treatment tomorrow, and she said it would take a few sessions to notice the difference, i will keep in mind the other options, thanks
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