any ideas for an opening day?


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Feb 23, 2005
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widnes ,cheshire
hi everyone
at the moment im waiting for the ok on a premises,my business will offer nail,beauty and spray tanning,im hoping to have some sort of open day and would really be grateful for some ideas on what to do/offer etc. money is a little bit tight at the moment so id appreciate some cheap and cheerful ideas as well as the ones that will cost
any help is very much appreciated
How about a raffle offering a free treatment ( which you can specify so you can have a price limit on the treatment offered!! )...
Make sure everyone puts down their name, address and contact details and their prefered area of treatment...then that way you can keep their details and after the raffle...mail them saying something along the lines of 'sorry you did not win the raffle at 'enter your details' opening day however you can still WIN with a 10% (whatever amount) discount on your next treatment.'

Just a thought because it benefits them and you!!!
hey thanks i wouldnt have thought of that one,:hug: great idea
theirs a few sites on ebay that you can order products with your name, phone number on.
you can get a small amount of balloons made up and have them outside, that usually draws your eye.
you can get lollies with your name on and could walk up and down giving them out.
vistaprint also print on T-shirts, you could have your business name, logo and on the back you can print something like STAFF or NAIL TECH or HOLISTIC THERAPIST, along those lines. Wear that on the opening day. If you can afford it, get some friends to wear them on opening week too.
How about some wine and a few nibbles ... you could also get in touch with the local newspaper, to see if they'll run an article on your new business venture.
Make sure you let everyone know they can book a treatment on the night. You may want to do a "book now and receive a free gift/discount"

You may also want to do a little demonstration and talk about your treatments while you do it, this will help people to see what it is you do.

A glass of bubbly always goes down well, even if it is sparkling wine.

Nibbles as mentioned before are good-no one expects anything too substantial.

Make sure you introduce people to each other to make them feel comfortable.

Some skin care reps offer help on these kind of evening and send along a rep to help/free products.

Most of all have fun :hug:

Be sure to hand out price lists.

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