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Sep 10, 2003
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I am am mobile nail technician and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on showing clients the different types of nails you could do (e.g per. french/glitter - all the colours/nail art etc...)

I used to use my nail trainer - thought this was a good ice breaker when talking to clients about the type and style of nails they wanted. But now unfortunately because i have found glitter acrylics and nail art poor old nail trainer cannot cope. Therefore looking for an idea - i see you can use colour props but i think this is easier if you are working in a salon as you can display it all the time - but as a mobile i have to think about carrying it around with me with all the other things i have!!

If you are mobile...............
Why not keep some finished tips in an old 500 size nail tip box.............
You could even decorate the box............ then they can take a nail out at a time, and place it on their finger, to give them an idea on how it would look..............

Just a thought...............
Cheap and cheerful and you can make use of an old, empty boxes that way too

love Ruth xxx
hi there

i asked much the same question only a couple of weeks ago concerning nail art...can't give you a topic number but do a search in the nail art section entitled 'displaying nail art'. had some fab ideas which certainly took preference over my corrugated plastic boards!
Thanks for the ideas - ruth - very good one!!

Hi, I think one idea that looks lovely is to spray paint a wooden artist paint palette, then glue your tips onto it to display them. It is easy to do and light to carry.
Why not just take pics of all your work and make up a portfolio easy to carry a folder around with you.

How about displaying your tips in empty CD cases, you could glue them inside arranging them in a circle - easy to carry.

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