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Mar 6, 2007
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hiya,has anyone ever heard of a company called arbonne,they sell face creams anti ageing etcive been asked to become a consultant but not sure if its a scam.

any ideas ppl.
thanks angela
is it a bit like avon ??? just had a look at the U.S site and it looks like it works similar . im not sure if its a scam but never had heard of it myself chick.
I've never heard of them hun but I would suggest you do lots of research before you sign up to anything.

Good luck.
I got a letter from them recently advertising their products. It seems a bit pyramid schemey to me, why do thy contact new salons at random asking for consultants, none of the major professional brands do this. I don't know if it's a scam, but it doesn't look like a professional company to me.
i think it is a bit like pyrimid,its a network marketing company so i would have to sign up other consultants! which to me dont seem like a very good idea!
thanks everyone
angela xx

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