Any suggestions please on breaking nails what to do?


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May 12, 2006
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Hi geeks, has anyone got any advice on what i should do,i would ask at my training college but my friend is coming today so havnt got time.Her nails are really breaking,some have evan got like squares out at the free edge with just nail bed showing. She likes to have tips on but not sure what to do.She is going on holiday next week so she is desperate to try n sort her nails out before,{left it abit late to ask me i know} but id like to make them look at least desent for her. Evan having a nice manicure then painting them with the free edge missing will look awfill, so do you think trying to put tips on this time just to try n help them grow back abit do you think.
Any sugestions will be greatfull?
They are not painfill or sore or any inflamation there

Thankyou for reading my thread,she is coming at 12 noon :confused: xx thanks
why do they keep breaking..?

is she having them too long...?

I'd do a new set of enhancements and make them short with more strength in the stress area...unless she is using them as tools then they should be fine. x
Shes put her own tips on herself for years but sed they did it before,i thought may be that she had been damaging them herself if she had picked them off but said no.I think i will put her tips on then when she gets back may be take them off and have reg manicures.thanks for the advice x
if she has been doing them herself and i presume she isn't a trained nail tech then she is bound to have problems...whats is she putting over the tips...?
Hi,she has beeing doing gel.i asked if she cleansed,primed etc and she said yes.Anyway she came n i took a good luck at them.Her nails was healthy just the free edge damaged bad,i asked if she picked the tips off as i thought this could have caused trauma to me them as she said yes she does!. I adviced her not to and put her white tips {she wanted them} on to protect them whilst on holiday.Iv told her when she comes back to let me take them off and have some good manicures to help sort them out.She was pleased with the outcome of her nails as i did abit of nail art aswell on them.She sent me a text last night from work saying the girls thought they were great and how much i charge lol.It was nice hearing that but scarey feeling for me aswell.
Thanks for the help x

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