anybody with bitten nails,ski jump nails,spoon shaped nails


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Feb 2, 2003
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dorset england
:( have got master class in salisbury on monday 16 june ,and my model has let me down anyone know anyone in salisbury or near there who would be able to be a model :( i have been told if i dont have a model i cant do the class :( :( i need someone with a difficult nail shape like a bitten,spoon,ski jump,fan,.or anything werid or wonderful :(
Thats awful, I`m really sorry to hear that. I`m too far away and don`t have bad nails so I really can`t help you. Keep your chin up, they really are a lovely bunch on here and someone must know someone who can help.
Good luck
panic over thanks to the lovely ski jumped and fan shaped nails of saffirez.thanks for volunteering your nails :D
hi groovy

glad to hear you got it all sorted good luck on your master class

:D :D :D
is she from the board?? I recognize her name :!: Wow this board is a GREAT tool for this type of thing!! well done for using your initiative!! ;)
yep she is on this board ,been on it about 3 days now i think she said,so this board is brill,cant belive i got a model for monday was getting worried. :D .she found this board at just the right time for me :D :D ,and not soon enough for her lol

thanks again saffirez

cant wait till monday
No probs groovy, looking forward to having my nails done by someone else for a change! :) Totally addicted to this board now, there is so much info on here and have chatted to loads of great people. See you Monday!
Had a great afternoon on Monday with Groovynails and my nails are lovely! Had lots of compliments on them and I am now desperate to train with Creative!
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