Anyone know what’s wrong with this nail?


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Hi I was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice as to what todo for my model client please!
I have just finished a 12week acrylic course Monday gone and had my sister in law in for a set 4 weeks ago she came back for her 2 weekly infills and was due them again now but two of her nails have came off and left a mark under her nail it looks like a bruise but it's not and she said its not sore or anything like that. To me it looks like Pseudomonas nail but because i have no experience with anything like this yet I am freaking out! It's totally knocked my confidence I never want todo another set again after this happening☹ but can anyone help as to what I can do to help or what you think it could be? Should I just refer her to doctors?



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Don’t panic , it is simply moisture that has got trapped underneath the acrylic that has made it go green, it will grow out annoyingly there is nothing to remove it. Just means that you need to ensure that you have completely removed lifting during the infills process or the acrylics may have touched the skin during the application.