Anyone have any tips on using nail forms???


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May 12, 2004
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Derby, England.
Hi everyone,

Just been to my local wholesaler and decided to give nail forms a try.

I've bought ONS ones on a roll (of 500).

Just wondered if anyone had any tips on how to apply them? Was going to practice on my Mum later (bless her, she'll do owt).

Think, i'm getting to grips with L&P eventually, so this is the overlay i'll be using with the forms.

Any bit of help, greatfully received



Its quite tricky, it took me ages to grasp this, use the thumb and index finger of your hand and bend the form into an arch shape so it will fit the clients finger snuggly, I usually play with them a little before I do this. Its gotta fit snuggly under the free edge and be level with the natural nail. Press the sides of the form onto the finger. I usually keep my fingers on the side whilst applying the overlay as they do tend to come unstuck sometimes.

I still can't get the hang of putting forms on after a year...! lol I think im gonna have to take a master class on it.
there are a few tips on an old thread, last active, 24/7, it started off about fan shaped nails a couple of people have put sum good tips in it.

if u can't find it go to my profile, and look at posts done by me, i posted in it, so it will take u straight to it.

My advice to you is to do a class in sculpting. Forms can be tricky if you don't how to fit them, when you do know it's easy. I always found them a nightmare! I'd get it tucked under the free edge and then it'd all go wrong because my fingers were stuck to the tabs! lol When you see an expert fit a form e.g. Antony Buckley, if you blink you'll miss it :biggrin:
Practice with them and see how you get on. ONS forms are quite nice. As Sarah Lou said, arch the form between your thumbs, tuck under and up and slide your thumbs up the sides, pinch the point and make sure there's no gap between the form and free edge.
Thanks everyone.

I tried them on my Mum last night, and after i got myself up off the floor from laughing at the mess i was making of them i gave up.

Think i need a bit more practice putting them on before i apply an overlay.

Poor Mum, bless her, she had one eye on me and the mess i was making and one on Eastenders!!!
I find it helps if, before you take the backing off, you roll the form around your brush to give it a curve to match the nail.
Kimberley0699 said:
I find it helps if, before you take the backing off, you roll the form around your brush to give it a curve to match the nail.

I did a one to one - (I was soooo bad a sculpting)for 2 hours with NSI. By the time I came out, I could sculpture a great nail!
Just practising hard now!
Sam X
I think it depends on what forms you using. I find the horseshoe shaped ones crap :( I tend to use ez-flow now the most they are so easy to fit :biggrin:

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