Anyone tried this?


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I think you should take things like this with a pinch of salt.
You see these ads popping up all the time on various sites like facebook, yahoo etc showing 'wonder products' that when used together give amazing (too amazing!) results in a short period.
It all to get your money.
i have seen these before and after pics somewhere before........ and it was nothing to do with this story plus i live in bacup too so i will be on the look out for kate mum of 3 lol but i have def seen these pics somewhere else x
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Well I live in Merthyr Tydfil so will be looking out for Kate. It's a big place and you can't know everyone but I have kids and she does too so surely there will be people that I know who know her if she really is from the area.

When was the article published? I couldn't see a publish date on it just that the offer expires today (but that might be one of those 'magic computer things' that changes to whatever the date is, to tempt you to buy the product straight away - taking yout thinking time away).
is it changing the location everytime someone from different parts of the uk views the ad
Yep its now saying 'Kate' is from kingswinford! Load of bullcrap!
Those ads run in my area, too and I'm in the US. It's a scam.
Obviously a load of crap if she can be from all over the country lol.
Hun, dont believe them, The free trial is almost certainly not free at all. You will need to pay P&P and on some of these ads you cant get it delivered unless you put your card details in to pay for postage and agree to a rolling replenishment agreement, which means they charge you full price every month or 6 weeks or whatever time the product is meant to last. I have seen quite a few horror stories from people who "signed up " and couldnt cancel the agreement. Google the product and the company name then read the customer reviews and see if they sound legitimate.hth's
Yup it's a scam!
They wow you with a cheap deal but you can't ever get to cancel it and it charges you every month!
There's the same thing with those acai berry tablets promising to help you loose weight!

Don't go anywhere near!

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