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Jul 19, 2010
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I'm looking at investing in either a tablet or iPad for appointments I was wondering which would be best and which apps are best for booking appointments I'm a freelance hairdresser I have an Iphone which is what was swaying me towards an iPad but there are so many other tablets that which are cheaper than iPads so wondered if it was worth paying the extra or not
And advice would be great!!
I have iPhone & iPad an love it because it all syncs together so if ones out of battery you've got the back up of the other. Would definitely consider the iPad I couldn't be without mine!

I use an app called ovatu, it's fantastic I could rave all day about it! There's a free versions and a paid version, the paid version works out as around £6.50 a month which I have & it's worth every penny! It automatically emails your clients to remind them of their appointment, you can set it to send birthday emails, confirmation emails, cancellation emails etcetc, there a link you can add to your website so people can go online to book their appointments.
It tells you how much you make per day/week/month/year automatically so no adding it all up manually, there's an area to input your gift vouchers, a loyalty scheme (I haven't got round to looking into that yet) space to input sales of products! It's quick, easy and an absolute god send! I love it, well worth checking out! Xxxxx
If you type ovatu if to google it'll come up with their main homepage, it's got loads if not all the info on their about it :) xxxxx

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