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Sep 7, 2005
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how fab well done everyone xxx
Aaargh who's the brick privvy standing next to Geeg?? Nigel, I was hoping you could edit out hips and chins :o

It was great fun though and I had a great day, only wish San could have made it too.
Hehe - it looks weird to see it all in print so to speak but thanks to all who allowed it to happen. :o:o:o

The nail art kit from Victoria was great and I am having real fun playing with it all and I am hoping to go down to spend time with Ruth in London some time this next month.

x x x
I am hoping to go down to spend time with Ruth in London some time this next month.

Take a bottle and a sleeping bag! You'll have such a fun day the time will fly! lol!

I had my 'winners' day with Ruth just before Xmas and it was truly brilliant...well worth every single penny! I picked up stuff from her that you would just never think of yourself....thats one talented lady!

But the thanks must go to mostly to Ruth herself (& her lovely hubby Richard) for giving up her time and making us so very welcome!
Wow, I'm famous:lol:
I'm famous! How cool is that? And all the way across the great big pond, too

How awesome it is, how wonderful and fantastic that we could raise so much so easily. I think it's inspiring. Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling:D

Way to go everyone! Fantastic job!
Looking at the final total, and calculating the exchange rate, WOWSERS, that's a nice sum of money for a wee group like ourselves to put together.

CONGRATS to everyone for such a fine job:!::hug::Love:

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