Aromatherapy in pregnancy


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Kylie Green

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Jan 31, 2013
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Hi Geeks.
im a therapist (would like to train in aromatherapy eventually) but just would like some advise (purely for personal use if you dont mind me asking)
ive been trying to find a recommended
aromatherapist local to me, without luck so far anyway im 32 weeks pregnant 2nd baby, im following natal hypnotherapy and would love to include some aromatherapy aswell. I only know enough from training with pre blended massage oils and elemis training etc. I know what im not suppose to use but just wandered if anyone might give me some advise (dont shoot me please).
im having a home water birth too so more natural the better. anyway my cds say to burn oils while I listen to encourage deeper relaxation and when I then use them during labour my subconscious will connect better with the association.

bit of info on me.
no contraindications.
no allergies
no swelling
not had any problem with this pregnancy or the first.
no complications in first birth either.

sorry for the longest post ever but if anyone could point me in the right direction id be most grateful.
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I don't want to jump in on your thread but you sound as if you're going down the same route as I did 2 years ago! And just for the record, totally go with it, I hd so much negativity towards it but ended up having the most amazing birth, (he turned out to be breech?!) in water at home, no pain relief at all and no tearing so it must be of some good. I was advised to use clary sage (right at the end) as well as lavender for relaxation. I'm not trained so deffo get a second opinion on those but good luck!
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