At last...back into Nails!!


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Jul 24, 2003
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Devon England
You wouldn't believe how happy I am to be doing nails again! After passing my 4 day foundation on sept 1st....i practiced all week ready for a 'real set'! Then.... :( I shut my right thumb in my car door!!! was painful and after 48 hours of agony....I begged my boyfriend (a chippy) to get his cordless drill out and drill through my nail into the bed to release the pressure that had built up....(Don't worry...we used my Chlorispray lots!!!!)
Subsequently..I couldn't work or practice and finally I seem to have the use of my thumb back!!! :D (With a hole in it)
I think I may lose the whole nail...(good start to my buisness) people will think I take nails off..not put them on!!!

Anyway..tip of the day.....DON'T SHUT THUMBS IN CAR DOORS!
*shudders* uuuuuugh Im cringing at the thought! But welcome back!!!

xxlaylaxx ;)
WOW! :shock: That sounds horrible - well at least you're all ok now! Probably best the old nail comes off to make way for the lovely nail that will soon be in its place! :D
grows back that is....I'm sure Lynne Darling taught me that if the matrix is damaged...yer nail may not come back....(matrix crushed)
If the matrix is damaged then permanent damage to the nail can result, but it is amazing how much punishment the old matrix can take.

One thing is for sure, when it grows back it will be as strong as iron/thicker than before and it will take a long time (about 6 months). It will look really weird when it starts to grow cause it will look like it is growing straight up in the air -- but leave it alone and it will eventually be pulled down into the sidewalls. Patience is the key... and if it is damaged ... you can enhance it and make it look normal again!! voila!

My damaged thumb got me into this business in the first place!! :rolleyes:
He drilled through your nail!!!!!!!

Oh my god! Is that the right thing to do? Shouldn't it just be left? Did it relieve the pressure? How were you not sick?

I would have been sick and fainted ten times over! To trap my nail is one thing, but to drill through it!

My sister locked my finger in the car door once! I was only about 10. I was trying to sort the seat belt out because it was stuck in the back passenger door, she got out and slammed it shut! My finger was stuck in between two bits of metal, and we couldn't get the door back open because she had locked it from the inside! :cus:

I was screaming blue murder because it was the most immense pain ever, and she was stood screaming because she couldn't believe what she had done! I thought that I had lost my finger because the pain was unbareable, :pale: and all the neighbours including my grandparents came out because we were both screaming so loudly! :D :D

Finally we got the door unlocked, and my middle finger at the first knuckle was half the width, all the skin had been squashed around the bone so my finger had a huge freaky dent in it! :shocker:

I cried for ages but I got fussed over by everyone and I got loads of sweets and I made my Sister feel guilty for ages! :D :D
:shocker: :ack: :puke: you guys are too gross
He drilled through your nail!!!!!!!

Oh my god! Is that the right thing to do? Shouldn't it just be left? Did it relieve the pressure? How were you not sick? .

I was really sick and nearly fainted BEFORE he drilled it....the pain was just too immense!!! NHS Direct said that I should go to the hospital to have a hot needle put into the nail, to relieve the pressure, but I didn't fancy the half hour drive and the 4 hour wait...

Anyway all better just looks disgusting.
Sawadee ka

One time i have very bad motor bike acident i break my teeth i make repair teeth 1 year last so that i can smile .

I have much blood before and now have my face and hands and my arms back and legs have look some no good have scar.

When friend come see me say try to make me laugh say oh no problem you not break your nails them still good because she see me file and paint my nail many time and know i like .

I drive motor bike when i 9 year old and that number 1 time i have acident before never have problem .

Kop khun ka mui
...What happened to your thumb.....??? I wanna know how you got into nails..... :?:
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