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Apr 10, 2012
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Hi Iam a 39 year old that has returned to college after 20 years to compleate my level 3 advanced in hair, after 5 children and back and fourth into hairdressing iam finally getting it!! however desparate fo some help in the main hair comp!! futuristic is the theme and iam going down the industrial side of solar panals have a great outfit being made to look like bricks and a roof somehow will be transformed on the hair made with what i still dont know,, now how do i show solar panels without it looking like my 3 old done it with tin foil!!! never had to do anything like this when I trained so its gonna be interesting!! please please help xx:Scared:
Keep googling and get your ideas from Internet. Could you put some kind of a battery powered light into the up do xx
I always like to use wire in complicated hair up to ease holing it in odd shapes. Anyway, i usually say hide it, but u could use it for definition of the roof tiles.
Try b&m for solar string lights, see if u can get windows put into the outfit and put the lights behind it and the actual panel in the hair, have a torch on hand too so u can charge it.

Or could u forget solar panels and get a radio antena, bend it into a tv Ariel shape and hook it up to a small radio for added wow factor?

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