Average client spend. Do I need to rethink my prices?


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Jan 28, 2013
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Afternoon Geeks.

I need some help ....

Iv just worked out my average client spend over the last 6 months and it works out £17.37 on average.

I'm wondering if my price list needs to reflect this as I'm starting to think my prices are to high to let clients me a chance.

I only rent one treatment room at the back of a subbed floor and Iv lots of completion around me but they are salons. I'm starting to think people may think I'm charging to high for what I am?

I will attach my price list.
Thank you in advance x
It won't let me attach just yet
Still can't see your prices to be able to pass any comment at all
At an average spend of £17 wouldn't you be better off putting your prices up not down?
post your price list by typing in wat treatments u offer. Id love to see so I can help u and comment properly. As this a problem I am facing also. Regarding pricing.
I do this every year. Its good to work out what is costing more etc. I work out what my loss leader is, for example the treatment that brings clients in for loss but you get lots of clients from it. then from that you get other treatments that you can offset it against. Personally i have learnt to hike my prices up to know your "worth" then created my own offers for my clients to reel them in! Fishing bait!:cool: xoxo
yeah I dont think you should be putting your prices down. I think they are fine. In my area on average Gel nails start from £15-35
What about up selling.?

Would you like your eyebrows doing while your shellac remover wraps are on?

Do you need your toes doing next time?

Retailing... Are you using your solar oil? We've got these lovely new hand creams here have a try they smell lovely!

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