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Aug 22, 2003
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hi everyone,
i am quite new to all this.
the problem i have is this i am work from home doing l&p on tips.
i have one biggy avoiding cuticles with the acrylic i try and try to leave at least 1mm around the cuticle and side walls but i either pat and play with the acrylic to much trying to aviod the areas that when i buff my product it flakes away in these areas, and if i use a slightly bigger dryer ball i cannot get it thin enough at the cuticle to aviod a line which i dont really want to file away alot as the damage i could cause to the cuticle.
please could you give me advice on applying the ball the texture of the ball and tips on technique of zone 3 so i can put this issue behind me as it is doing my head in.
i also try to angle my brush about 90 degrees to try and get rid of the ridge but end up going to near the cuticle.
this is the only problem as everything else (touch wood is going ok).
i know its me and not clients that is causing the lifting and i have ruled out preperation as all my nails stay on once applied its just the cuticle area and technique.
any advice would be brill. :D
The best bit of advice I can give you is this.

Make sure your zone 2 bead does not go more than half way up the nail.
Then apply your zone 3 bead on the halfway line and push it BACK up to(near to but not touching) the cuticle and then draw your brush forward over the whole enhancement.

Using this technique does 2 things for you.
1. It gives you more space in which to work.
2. When you push the bead back, it firmly presses it in place. .. and before you ask, NO your brush will not get clogged up. Do it just like applying nail enamel. Push back, draw forward. Your brush need not be at an acute angle, just follow the curve of the nail.

Your bead consistency should be the same in every zone if you are using Creative products.
Give it a try!
thanks geeg will give it a try the thing is when i do my own nails its sounds strange but i seem to get it right maybe i should start doing all nails left handed would look a bit strange though cack handed maybe i am not so thourough doing my own as i know i can do them a gain if they look aweful i think nerves get to you on real clients as you want their nails to be the best ones they have ever had even if you have done theirs before you want to perfect evrytime and improve .
thanks again for your advice geeg your marvelous.
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