Award winning do they do it?


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Jul 27, 2005
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Hey geekyleekys!
So I was just sitting pondering today and thinking about award winning salons. How do they win the awards? I, as I'm sure most salon owners would, would love to be an award winning salon. But how on earth do u even go about it? I know u obviously have to be nominated and stuff, but how does that happen? Any advice would be mucho appreciated. Xxx
Hi Hun
I'm afraid my guess would be the old classic 'its not what you know, it's who you know'! In my experience anyway!
You have to get in with the people at these places, ie local media and hairdressing/beauty federations, etc. Get into competitions and things too.

Laura xx
Lots of photo shoots, lots of PR, get in the press, win competitions.

All of it costs a fortune. The average spend to enter hairdresser of the year is £250,000
professional beauty have just announced the categories for next years awards. If your serious about going for it from my understanding you have to build an impressive portfolio and submit it with your entrance forms. Then just wait and see. If the panel are impressed straight off then you are mystery shopped then a member a the panel comes out as well i think. Then you are waiting again to see if you win. The only other awards I know of are the guild awards which require nominations. I dare say there are loads of different awards out there but to be honest I dont really follow them all that much. I do agree though it would be lovely to own an award winning salon. xx
You need to do research on what awards you want to win, what awards are worth winning etc.

Start with smaller local ones to build up experience and to build up a name for yourself.

Don't forget that even if you don't win - you can still get business from it, raise your profile and learn something worthwhile.

Whenever you are nominated or shortlisted for an award it's important to make the most of the marketing / pr opportunity. Contact local magazines or newspapers. Advertise it in your salon and on your website and facebook page etc. Make the most of the opportunity.

It's also good to look at other salons - especially award winning ones. See what is making them work - no need to copy ideas - just get inspired by what's working and what's new in the industry.

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