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Feb 18, 2003
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gran canaria and skegness
just writting to say what a bad's been very quiet out here in the sun....not been around much as i been visiting england a lot going for checks and so forth and i feel like my clients are losing hope in me because i'm away so make matters worse i have to go back to england again next week to see the doc....i know that after that there will be no need to leave the salon again for a litle while and i know the clients will come back but god it's doing my head in ...any ideas what to do any special offers i should do to get them back in........
thanks lilixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :shock:
Sorry to hear about your troubles and hope that you are better soon.

Unfortunately cleints are only sympathetic for so long as what they really want is TO GET THEIR NAILS DONE. When you are in a Service Industry and you are not there to provide the service, they'll go somewhere else and I wouldn't take it for granted that they will come back either ... sorry if that is not what you want to hear!

What I would do is to write a personal note to each client when you're back in the salon or Before you get back in the salon, and tell them when you will return to normal service and invite them to come back. Then when they return, give a gift of their choice of nail colour or something like that as a thank you. The personal touch is less easy for a client to ignore than just the chance of a special offer.

Hope all goes well for you. ;)
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