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May 12, 2003
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Can anybody help me?

I have finished a Creative Nail Course and my Certificate has come
through, but I don't know what to do with Customers who have badly
bitten nails. :?

I sometimes use white tips, but obviously if I put a white tip
on a nail biter it would cover more than 50% of the nail bed.

I can obviously do Pink and Whites because that is how we were trained, and I used Natural Velocity tips on my course. But my Model wasn't a nail biter so I haven't yet practised on one. :(

If I bought clear velocity tips, and did Pink and Whites, do you think that this would be a better idea?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

Thank You
White tips on nail biters really do not create the prettiest enhancements. That is the key word because that is what we are trying to do ... enhance the beauty of the hands and nails.

Biters unfortunately take a lot of skill on the nail technician's part to make look beautiful - or sometimes even nice - but there are techniques that will help you and many of them have been discussed on this board. I suggest - to save time and my fingers :D that you look back on the site to all the articles that cover this. There are a few including some recent ones. Then come back to us if you need more info.
I will do, thank you for your quick reply.

V. :D
One thing to try is the search function... since there are over 4,300 posts now... it can be daunting to look through posts.

Here is a relevant post:

That is fantastic! Thank You so much! :D

It is printing out now so I can sit down and look at it.

You are a true star! :D

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