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Jul 12, 2013
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Ok folks so this is a post regarding myself this time lol!
I'm coming up for 23 and over the last couple of years my hair has gotten dramatically thinner and my hairline is receding further back. Not really looking for a miracle but wanting to know anyone's thoughts of even slowing down the process?
I've heard Nioxon is supposed to be really good but haven't tried it myself and seen that there is different types..
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :)

Sean Collins Hairdressing Glasgow
I'm 22 and i feel the same! I think it's from having the implant so I'm gonna have it out.
I'm going to buy some nioxin tomorrow from capital, hope that helps. It's so confusing I think I need system 2.
Hope you sort it it's rubbish isn't it x

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I had a client that suddenly started losing loads of hair through poor diet and stress and after contacting studio58 for advise (I was getting a bit miffed with this client and was constantly going out to her as she was losing bonds and my confidence was knocked) and I was told about a product called Nurokrin which apparently promotes healthy hair growth - would that be something you could look at?
Thanks guys will look into them

Sean Collins Hairdressing Glasgow
I'm 22 and have the same problem. I have strange bald stripes leading back from my temples and a lot of baby hair wisps. It makes pony tails impossible :/
SEARCH: CABOKI on google or youtube its amazing it was at salon international few years back..

Did you hear about hair transplant? I think this is the best solution. Write me if you are interested in?

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