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Jun 21, 2010
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wirral uk
hope i'm in the correct form but just wanted some views. As i'm starting up a temping hair & beauty recruitment company. To cover sickness,holiday, maternity & training cover. And was just wondering would salons & spa And hotels use this service. What kind of service would you be expecting? and what would you think is fair on costings to use our company? :)
I have an idea to set something similar up in the future along with an academy style training facility. Being ex-recruitment I would use the service as I do understand the use of temp recruitment, however as I've discovered people can be very choosy who over does their hair and beauty also you need to look into the new laws surrounding temp recruitment up to and including 13 weeks of temping
I thought of setting up something like this a few years ago and decided against it because most salons want people who they have chosen and done trades test on I didn't think there would be much call for it in my area, although when people are off sick etc salons do need someone at short notice.

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