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Jun 21, 2007
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Hi everyone!

I'm just wonderíng .... do any of you work in a nail bar with high stools (literally like sitting at a bar) are they comfortable or a backache?

Im thinking about them as a trendy option for a high street store thats so teeny Im gonna need ikea to design it ;) (106ft/10m²)

thanks for feedback
I have some at my breakfast bar, wouldn't like to sit on them all day as they give me terrible backache
i agree i worked in a salon that used bar-stools, painful backache for me :eek: and probably the client, but you're sat there all day.
deffo a cause of backache - they looked lovely in the salon i used to go to but they had to change them cos the staff ALL got backache:cry:
I am sure a lot of clients wouldn't like to sit on a high stool to have their nails done.
When i went for my conversion course, the salon had a nail bar type setup, and i actually prefered it to a normal desk. I found because i was sat on a stool, i sat upright more, and my knees didnt hit the underneath of the desk all the time (which was a common problem for me because im so tall).

However, i think from a customers point of view, doing extensions with this setup wouldnt be a problem, but if i was a client wanting a manicure, it wouldnt be a very relaxing experience for them.

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