Barrier cream help for allergy please, or what system I can use?


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Feb 3, 2013
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Hey geeks!

Im soooo frustrated I am allergic to acrylic and slightly to some gel. The name of what im allergic to is Ethylene glycol dimethacrylate and 2-hydroxy ethyl memacrylate.

Im wondering if I could use a good barrier cream or if there are any systems I can use that dont have this in or only have a little in. I have looked at some systems and their mdsd sheets but its a bit confusing.

Any help very great fully received. Thank you
Anyone please? ? Xx
Are you wearing gloves x
I was recommended liquid gloves which I've been using for a couple of days now as I've had mild itching on my hands and arms. I'm also wearing gloves now which is taking a bit of getting used to [emoji20] but it seems to be working so far.
I'm assuming from the detail in your post that you have been tested by a consultant dermatologist who gave you a list of substances to avoid? I'd advise you to contact them again to clarify whether a barrier system will be effective for your type of allergy.

I have a similar problem that includes the substances you mentioned and I can't even breath the dust or fumes from the products being used so I have to avoid all potential exposure to these substances. That means that I can't even work in a hairdressers that offers nail enhancements within the salon.

Your type of reaction might be quite different to mine and less severe but I think it's always better to check with the medical experts familiar with your personal history before taking any risks with your health.

I hope you are able to find a solution that works for you.
Hi everyone!
Thanks for your replys. No not wearing gloves.i have tried but they are a pain! What are liquid gloves please? !
Oh no thats awful, poor you. That's a really bad allergy isn't it, yes I have been tested and this is what they told me. Xx
I find gloves a pain too, getting them on is a right nightmare! My friend works as an art technician and said they sometimes cut the fingers off gloves and tape them on. I tried that with my client on Friday eve and omg what an improvement!!! I only need it on thumbs and left index. Just cut the fingers off nitrile gloves and secure with a bit of Micropore. Give it a go! I have very sensitive skin and also find I don't get a good grip without gloves. X
You could try 'finger cots' - Google it! They look sort of (very) weird... but would save you cutting / taping gloves. Not tried them but any feedback would be useful!
Thanks everyone for your help! Ooo iv Googled them and yes they look weird ha ha! Xx
When I first read this is was going to suggest finger cots. It's what I wear during manicures as cnd cuticle away can eat at your skin :/ much easier then cutting up gloves haha
Finger cots are brilliant, my husband was quite alarmed when he first saw them in the bin & hoped nobody thought they were his!!!!!!
I've only really known one pro brand to issue advice & retail products on allergy safeguards - crystal nails.

They recommend ultimate protection as using finger protector bandages, followed by cloth gloves with gum enforced fingertips (washable), followed by disposable nitrile gloves.

I have a few staff who use the cloth gloves & nitrile combo and the feedback is it is far more comfy. It's much better to have a natural breathable woven fabric touching the skin rather than something synthetic which doesn't provide ventilation.

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