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Oct 24, 2003
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I have been useing 'Environ' face products for a while now and the place that i buy them from is closing hoo.
Anyway i thought maybe i could buy them myself and maybe stock them to sell others, but unfortunatly you have to buy £500 worth of stock for your first order...(no money left for that...spent it all on nail
My question to you beauty girls is; do you know of any good facial products i could buy myself (trade)?...need a miracle really but creams will have to do until the surgery!!! lol
dj, if you find a miracle pleasssssssssssssse let me know :D
I use Susan molyneux products and they are absolutely brilliant no artificial perfumes or colourants, not tested on animals and they use essential oils in their products so they work really well. Unfortunately I think for your first order it is a similar amount but they do have special starter packages give them a ring on 01242 570515 to see what their deals are. Are the products for yourself or for you to use in the salon? They are suprisingly reasonable to purchase at retail value considering the quality of the product and that it is a professional line!!! I got sent samples of environ before I used Susan Molynuex in my treatment room Glad I didn't go for that make if they no longer supply!!! Good luck and if you need any more help then you can pm me as I researched quite a few different product lines before using this one. Good luck :biggrin:
Hi Loo...
Thanks for your reply.
What i mean was the beauty salon i buy my 'Environ' products from is closing down...i am sure you can still get them from the
:lol: :o I must be the dappiest nail geek around is there an award for that!!!lol It must be the acrylic fumes that have gone to my head ha ha, hope that you sort out your prob though!!!
You may be able to pick up what you want from the Olympia show from the environ stand and I'm Sure the company will tell you of other salons near to you who stock it.
One word... 'nimue' ;)

It is being launched at Olympia
The Nail Geek said:
One word... 'nimue' ;)

It is being launched at Olympia

Oh you have got me interested now...tell me more...please!
You should be able to get more info by calling them on 0113-216-3030

It is the Creative of Skin Care.
I rang them yesterday and yes the product does sound like it is going to be really good.
The down side for me is that you have to be trained in beauty to be able to have their training to stock and sell the product...shucks!
Need a fast track beauty course
But anyone trained should realy look into this product i think it's going to be a winner!
sawasdee ka dj

In thailand we have a company name chan cham they have been in beauty products facials for 25 year and there products are number 1 .

When i get to phuket number 4 i will post web site you can go look we use this products in my salon .

Thailand have some very beautifull products.

Mui from Thailand
Hi denisejacqueline

I stock the Environ products in my salon so if there is anything that I can get for you I will be happy to. If you would like me to do this PM me and I could post them to you.


Jenni x
now and I have been an avid Dermalogica user for 4 years but I can honestly say it didn't take me long to be convinced that Nimue products work. They have a very similar philosophy as Dermalogica (who I still consider to be wonderful products) but I have found that they are brilliant for people with damaged problem skin, enviromentaly damaged skin and even pigmented problem skin!

I have had my trusty babysitter Sara (who has been using Nimus since September 03) testing the 'problem skin' products and I have taken before and after shots!! There is a massive difference. I too have used there Cleanser, Conditioner (which are the same for all skin types) and have used the creams dedicated to my skin preference. I am impressed!! Do go say hello to Petru, Carina and Rose at Olympia if you get the chance!!!:)
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