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Jun 17, 2010
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west midlands
Hi, i am trying to decide which is the best course for me to enrol on, my local college runs a Beauty Specialist Techniques Diploma.
The course covers all pratical and theoretical aspects of the following
Facial Massage and skincare
Apply Make-up
Provide Lash and Brow Treatments
Wax Depilation
Eyelash Perming
Reception Duties
Anatomy and Physiology
and the qualification is a VTCT Diploma in Beauty Specialist Techniques.
The course takes 1 year to complete and i would have to attend college for 1 day a week for 8 hours.
The college has a commercial beauty salon where clients can come in for us to practise on for a small fee.
Does this course sound ok for me to start off with?
I know you can do short courses at various companies but i have another 2 years until my daughter starts school so i have the time to take a longer course and take my time learning and practising.
Any advice would be great.
Hi Catherine

I did the Beauty Specialist Diploma about 18months ago but one of the shorter versions and it covered everything you have listed. Personally I think it is a great starting point. I chose not to take the VCTC Qualifications as they stressed they were not necessary, espcially if you are setting up freelance.

I have noticed a lot of salons and spas expect you to have this as a qualification so if you are not looking to go out on your own straight away then it is probably worthwhile.

The good thing with this course it that it covers all the basics to get you goiing and then as and when you earn more money from your new found venture you can do additional courses...I'm currently working towards a massage course as my next investment.

Good Luck!
Hi I did this course 4 years ago, its a great starting point and hopefully you will be able to fit this in around what you want to do in the day time

I did the same course earlier this year. Mine lasted 4 months and had to attend twice a week. It is a recognizable qualification so I would go ahead however 1 year seems a bit long to me.

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