Beauty Therapy Training...Insured to do nails?


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Oct 22, 2008
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Wonder if anyone can help.

At present I do mobile spray tanning. However a couple years ago I did a home learning Beauty Therapy Course through Stonebridge. It cost me a couple of hundred pounds to do and I have got a couple of certificates from them. One says I have been awarded a Diploma and I am entitled to the letters SAC Dip (Beauty Therapy) and have been entered onto College Guild of Graduates Register. The other says ASET Award, Beauty Therapist Programme.

The course covered basics of mani / pedi / waxing / massage etc. but didnt include any practical side of it as it was all home learning.

Question - (dont think I will like the answer).... Does this actually give me any kind of worthwhile qualification?

I want to go now and start doing nails or waxing or something and was just going to start afresh until I remembered I had done this course? Would be handy if it counted towards something! Not holding my breath though...

You need to contact insurance companies and see if they will accept the certificate and insure you. :hug: I would think you may get insurance but if you are not competent at the practical side it is to your advantage to get further training, you may get clients but you won't keep them and will cause yourself no end of stress. I think you know yourself that you need more training, would you be happy paying someone with so little experience to do your treatments?

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