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Nov 17, 2003
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:p I am thinking of becoming a nail technician, I became really interested after recently having my nails done. I was wondering if anyone could give me their opinion on the profession and whether they enjoy their job? Thank-you.
hi only have to read through some of the posts on the board to find your answer..........each and every nail technician that posts on here is dedicated to their job and just love what they do...if the enjoyment and satisfaction that they feel after completing a perfect set of enhancments could be bottled and sold it would sell for millions :D

just read the posts about the new nail salon that is opening up in eastenders...the girls are so excited about that, so that will give you an idea just how much they are into anything to do with nails :D

all the guys and gals are a very friendly bunch, they all love to help out fellow technicians and students with advice when doesnt matter the question asked, you will always get a profesional answer :D

i am doing a home learn course just now but i am hopefully going to do a creative foundation course in january as creative seems to be top of the list with both their training and products

i am sure that after you get some replys to your post you will be itching to get started on a training course :)

The greatest and the most successful nail technicians not only enjoy their job, they are passionate about their work. This common denominator is a key factor in success.

But a nail technician is much more than a person who sits there doing nails all day. Working with the public in the almost vocational way that we do, you also must have a compassionate nature and really want to help those clients as you will be entering a SERVICE industry which means you must be there for them whenever they want and you are needed. the public are also demanding and you must be well educated and informed.

A business head is also a great attribute as most technicians end up running their own businesses and eventually having co-workers and employees - not an easy task to do all these things well and many of us had no experience at all when we started.

Today many women who already have business skills and people skills are getting into the business of nails and it will only do the industry good as they approach the salon with a business head rather than just a woman's head.

Good luck in your career, whatever you choose to do.
:D Thank you Geeg and Stanley-Ann for your replies I really appreciate it. You're right, now I've looked through the site I am itching to start training.
hiya drebelo
go girl!
you won't regret it 4 an instant :fire:
lol liza xx
Hi there

I absolutely love the job i do and wish i got into it sooner - the funny thing is i have no patience but i can sit and do nails for hours and hours. There is soooooooo much to learn but Creative do it in such a way its fun!!!!

I have decided to start my training in the New Year. I'm thinking about doing a NVQ course with K-SA-RA. Has anyone else done training with them? :sunny:
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