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Feb 11, 2012
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Being a therapist you obviously need to look good for clients and it's a good way to promote your work to other potential clients. Nails are pretty easy to do on your self, i've read about people's technique on spraying your self which seems simple enough with practice. So what do people do about individual lashes?? Can you really do them on your self to promote them or is that one impossible? (i have my course booked for june)
I do my own microbead extensions (not easy, but once you get the hang of it is okay!) and wax my own brows. Individual lashes are the line for me! I THINK these are borderline impossible to do yourself. However, you could do a service swap with another therapist :) xxx
Yeah, eyelashes would have to be a service swap. You could always wear a decent set of false eyelashes instead?
I do my own waxing, tint my eyebrows and do my own spray tan. I also make sure my make up is immaculate everytime I go out and have a really good skin care routine so that I can go out without makeup too.
I can't wear enhancements as I do a lot of massage but when I go out I make sure my nails are polished.
I get a lot of business after nights out to do people's makeup so it must work! Cx

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