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Apr 25, 2009
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Gods knows!
Anyone using this product?
I thought I would give the gel nails ago, as I'd quite like to offer this as a treatment also.
Now i had ago tonight and have to say it was lovely. I popped a form on as my nails are always kept short under my acrylics...but seeing as Im using the hybrid polishes..I'd like to have some length lol question is..the website says one wet layer and then 2 more layers and cure each for a all in all 2 minutes? Does this sound correct 2 minutes doesn't seem very long..Im only using the clear..I know it says 3 minutes for colour.
They do feel strong and cured but I just want to check, if not I'll give them a call to check.

:hug: xx
Hi bellissima bella forma clear only takes 1 minute to cure, it is a very easy product to use and get great results with. They are running training, details are on facebook or you could give them a call if you need any advice.

Hope this helps
Thanks hun, I found another post on here that said 1 minute. I should have checked first before posting lol

:) xx
I posted this elsewhere - but i thought i'd make sure everyone who was interested knew. I recently bought Bellissima Gels and some Nail Glitters from a site online for great prices.

The site is - their stock is constantly changing and they get some really good prices sometimes. The guys there are all really friendly. Five star recommend. :)


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