Best bright purple permanent colour to use?


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Nov 1, 2013
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Does anyone know what the best bright purple permanent colour is to use?

I have a client wanting a bright purple. I use Goldwell and thinking of using VVmix plus some base so it holds but don't think it will be bright enough.

Any suggestions would be fab.
What is her natural base and colour though the ends?
I'm doing some strand tests as she's a new client and has coloured her hair with the purple xxl live and has previously bleached it herself.
It's currently reddy blonde at ends to mid lengths then a dark purple and natural is a base 7. She has about an inch regrowth.
Condition isn't great hence why I'm doing the tests. As I have told her I won't touch it unless I know her hair can handle more colour. I've also told her to start conditioning treatments.
Her hair is def porous on ends, so thinking maybe a Demi or permanent colour if strand tests allow. Just not sure what will give brightness as do not want to pre lighten.
Yeah I think you are doing the right thing, by using a demi-permanent though the ends. I don't use goldwell but I think colorance is acidic so it should be good for evening out the hair.

If you don't want to prelighten, then I would match up the roots colour to the dark purple in terms of depth so that you don't get any banding, and even though you will probably need to add some base into the roots mixture, just don't add any base into the lengths and ends mixture or they will become dull, just use a more pure purple colour.

Maybe afterwards you could put an elumen colour over the top, would that work? Or any other type of direct-dye colour will give it the extra vibrancy you might not get with regular colour.
Really she could do with leaving it and letting it grow through. But by the looks of it she changes it a lot & has ruined her hair doing it herself.

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