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May 4, 2004
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Hi everyone,

Just wondered who most mobile techs had there insurance with? I am looking to start up mobile and i am just at the investigating stages at the moment so any information would be great!

Also I thought I saw somewhere once that there was a company offering insurance that as part of the cost you got a subscription to scratch as well? does this ring any bells with any one?

Thanks in advance!
If you type best insurance into the search bar, a lot of threads will come up asking similar or same question. Hopefully there will be enough info on there to help you. Hth's. xx

Yoiu actually get a lot more with BABTAC than just insurance, but watch out for 'cheap insurance' - I know it's sometimes bad form to criticise competition, but factually you need to be aware that some policies;

(a) have up to a £200 excess - so any small annual savings you make may be wiped out with even a small claim

(b) exclude some claims arising from things like ‘Error or omission in advice given or treatment undertaken’ and ‘Injury, loss or damage caused by any product used in the treatment or supplied for the aftercare’ – so some claims may not be covered anyway

(c) are what are called a ‘Claims Made’ policies, which cover claims only if made whilst their policy is in force. This means that if and when you decided to stop insuring with them, if a claim came in a few days, weeks, months or even years later, you would be uninsured unless you paid extra to buy what is called ‘run-off’ cover; again, offsetting savings.

The last one is a really important one to check with ANY policy you might take out - a Claims Made policy does not offer you the cover that a Claims Occurring one does.

It's also worth looking at other benefits of membership; BABTAC has lots of free and discounted stuff on our website for members (including FREE business seminars in 2008 - worth a look at BABTAC - The Official Site of the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology).

If you joined BABTAC we'd welcome you - we do a lot more than just insure people but, but, please, even if you don't join us, get insured! I know you don't intend to do anything wrong - but in the 'I shall sue you' 2000's, even if you haven't made a mistake the costs of defending against a gold-digger can be thousands of pounds!


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just a quickie, can the membership with babtac be paid by dd monthly?

Hi Lindy,

No, sorry, we don't have a DD facility; actually, I'm not sure any of the Associations do. It's something we look into from time to time, but it always hits a stumbling block somewhere.

But we do have the best insurance and benefits package on the market - honest!


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