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Jun 4, 2012
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Hi Lovelies,

I'm in the process of booking and buying a spray tanning kit. I have beenr eading everyone's threads and it makes me more confused then ever as I would like to buy the best kit available for mobile use and recieve good training.

The LA tanning kit looks pretty good and I know sunless solutions can price match, but I thought sunless solutions training was pretty expensive.

Any advice would be great as I really want to get started.


Sarah xxxxxxx:lol:
hello my lovely

I'm new to this site but been doing spray tans now for the past few months i use fresh indulgence and the feedback I've had is amazing !!!!

Id never even had a spray tan before doing the course as i have seen some very bad mishaps (the tango ones) and it always put me off


After doing my course my trainer had recommended fresh indulgence and suntana so i opted for fresh indulgence as i had a complete deluxe starter kit for just under £250 delivered and I've used the revive on my liens who love the smell the even fade how tonned their skiing looks and the fact that its organic and theres no chemicals in the solution

hope it helps xxx
Hi - this is my first ever comment so I hope this works!

I trained with Fake Bake and although I was aprehensive as it was only a day course (I had only ever done manual applications before) they covered everything really well and to this day havent had one client complaint.

I tan a lot of brides and I find for fairer skin tones, and the more subtle bride, the Gold Tan Solution gives a beautiful sun kissed glow! Not orange in the slightest!

I of course have other clients who prefer a much bolder tan and the 30% Darker Solution is absolutely perfect!

To sum up, excellent training, I've never experienced any issue with supply or had any problems with my kit and it seems "idiot proof"!

Hope that helps xx
Thanks ladies thats great, everytime I think I have found the one another pops up that I never knew existed! lol xxx:lol:
I use glotanz, it's very good, lovely tan, great feedback from clients and the training is very good. Covers everything you need to know about tanning plus more! Very helpful customer service an very good kits.
Hi hunni I use crazy angel tan which is reasonable price and really leaves a beautiful golden tan after everyone loves it so far :) xx

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