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Nov 3, 2010
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Can anyone give me any advice in the best way to build a website. My cousin created mine and we have the domain name but every time I need to amend or change something it's getting quite frustrating having to ask him and him then eventually getting around to it and Also I hate to bother him
We hear this a lot. Websites done by friends/families often end up a bit tricky. Not always but we hear it a lot and end up stepping in for people.

Personally I wouldn't recommend any true DIY system as they are all pretty bad for SEO. Look at buying your own server space and using Wordpress if you have some time to learn.

Failing that hire a company, get the site built on a CMS (content management system) like Wordpress then you can update as and when you want :) that's what we do for our clients.
Go daddy easy xx
1&1 website builder or Jimdo if you want to do it all yourself.
For a beautician website like salon and spa you should take service to an expert organisation for building beautician websites rather than general website building companies.
All you need is Wordpress and a teenager.... Easy then ! Ha ha
All you need is Wordpress and a teenager.... Easy then ! Ha ha

Your right CFBS use Wordpress and get a teenager to help you if possible apart from that unless you have good experience leave it to an expert who will do a good job once you give them all the info in one go and then if needed just get them to tweek the small changes. Also try and get access to the back end so you can change the wording yourself down the road.

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