Best quality Indian hair and supplier

Iv been wearing hair extensions on and off for about 7 year now and I love them. Over the last 2-3 years i had to find a new supplier as the one close to me closed down, they sold indian which is what I liked best. Since then I haven’t found a nice quality indian so have been using Mongolian/Russian but for myself I hate it, it’s too sleek and smooth. I like it to be more fluffy and textured! I recently bought the indian from euphoria one but it didn’t even last 3 months before it really thinned so they advised me to buy the Russian but I’m having the same problem, it’s too smooth and doesn’t blend well with my hair

My clients absolutely love the Mongolian and Russian so I will continue to use the same suppliers for them I just need one for myself

Any help girls?


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Angel remy and hair planet do indian hair x