best service for thyroid effected nails?


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Apr 7, 2009
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I have a client who would like either shellac or minx on her nails for a night out. She has an under-active thyroid and has said her nails are looking bad and her skin is very dry- her feet often crack through dryness.

We have discussed shellac but I am concerned if her nails flake due to dryness the shellac will not last as well.
I think she's keen on Minx but if I give her minx and she does not remove carefully she may cause damage to her already dry nails.

I am thinking of shellac as it is kind and just explaining to her the importance of using the oil I will give her and that whilst they may look nice for her night out, they may not last as long as shellac usually would due to the flaking of her nails.

Also, are there any particular products that she can use to combat the excessive dryness on her feet? I've recommended regular pedicures but is there any home-care products anyone can recommend that work very well?

Thanks :)
Hi there, I have an under active thyroid and successfully wear shellac. It lasts 2-3 weeks normally with no adverse effects. Hope this helps x
I have an underactive Thyroid and wear Gelish very successfully! In fact I would say it has improved my nails. I know that Shellac would do the same so I would go ahead. She will be taking Thyroxine for this condition which goes a long way to making things right. She may be effected by the menopause as well if she is in her late 40's or 50's, this can also produce the same symptoms as underactive Thyroid. :green:
My mum's nails have never looked this good or grown as much as with Gelish. She has had flaky thumbs for years (also has thyroid problems and never used to use gloves to wash up). She's loving it, on 3rd Gelish application and all flakes on thumbs have gone, yipee! I did gently buff the flakes away on the free edge before applying the 2nd lof of Gelish as it did chip the first lot of Gelish off with the flakes. She's also learnt that wearing gloves whilst washing up and putting on oil improves your nails, AT LAST! x

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