Best tan and spray tan machine?


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Sep 19, 2013
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I am looking to buy a spray tan machine and was wondering which is the best. We are on a budget so would need to be fairly reasonable. Also what tan would people recommend.
I think you'll find there are many tans people will recommend, so getting samples would be a good idea, some companies send free ones & then see what works for you & what tones your clients are after.
Personally I love xen-tan in natural & then dark. My machine is the Earlex ts50
Research tanning companies and they will send u samples of different strengths, try them on urself and others, go with what u like bestx good luck
I trained with Sienna x and bought my machine and kit over 6 years ago and can honestly say they have been a great choice.

People always comment on how thorough my tanning technique is and I think it is down to the little things I was taught that make all the difference.

Plus I have had amazing support from Sienna along the way such as when my gun needed replacing and more recently when I had a problem with the solution.

My machine is also still going strong and I have still got the original tent etc so it was a good investment. I think my machine is T200 but it is called true spray now.
I would recommend a company called Beautytrix, they have brilliant products and great customer service. I've had my machine for quite a while now but I think it's equivalent to the T200. You can buy packages from Beautytrix.

Mini Intro Starter kit with MaxiMist Lite (HVLP)

They also have an offer of VATFREE on orders this week only.
Thanks everybody x

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