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Sep 20, 2003
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Hi everyone
I trained 3 months ago, and I applied some l&P acrylics the other day on a friend. The thing was she had really big nail plates. Her thumbs couldnt take a size 1 tip and she had 4 hook nails. I sculpted all of these (first time too) and they looked ok, but at the end of the day her nails looked BIG! Is there any clever tricks to make big nails look less big? Should you always file into an oval shape?
Thanks for any help
im not to sure :( as i havent started training yet. is there not like a shop which provide bigger sized nails tips, or you could try painting them a light colour?
Hi Liz

If you've sculpted the hook nails, why not try sculpting for these bigger nails. If the form doesn't fit, use some curved scissors to enlarge it. Give it a go.

Some of the techniques that can make large wide nails look slimmer and sleeker are.

1. Never go square with straight sides, but taper the sides to give a sleeker look.
2. Often large nails have quite a squarish cuticle line and the Oval shape can look pretty naff.
3. Make the nails as long as the client can reasonably cope with to give a slimmer look.
4. Avoid a French manicure look as this accentuates the tip and makes it look extra wide.
5. When you paint the nails ('cause painted looks sleeker) you can either deliberately miss out the side walls a bit to give the illusion of slimness OR
6. you can 'contour' the nail with an airbrush using a slightly darker colour down each side of the main colour. This is another good illusion technique.
Kimberley said:
im not to sure :( as i havent started training yet. is there not like a shop which provide bigger sized nails tips?

Star distribute Extra Large Tips- they're huge, some of them are too big for my big toe :lol: I keep them in stock just in case, but as yet have never needed to use them.

I like Gigi's airbrushing idea - that would look fab.
Thanks everyone - as always helpful stuff.
I am selling a pack of 100 of the Star Nails extra large tips if you're interested?
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