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Apr 25, 2005
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South Africa
Hi all

saw a great video tutorial by one of the geeks showing how to do a colour gell fill using an electric file. In the demo all the colour gel was removed. My question is .. when do a colour fill on Bio gel do you remove all the colour as well or just as much as posible?

If your doing a colour fill treat it as you would a french fill in your prep:

thin free edge and zone 3 buff all over

wipe with sanitiser then apply a very thin layer of clear in zone 3 cure
apply matching colour in zone 3 and cure
then apply from zone 3 up to free edge (capping) and cure

tbh when I used colour Bio I just soak it off each time - it comes off so quickly - faster than rebalancing...
hi ya - you only need to remove the colour if they are going for a lighter option otherwise you'd buff down the seam and the top layer of gel or top coat, apply your colour gel to the regrowth and any areas where the buffing has removed the colour & cure and then one layer of your color to the whole nail and cure. voila!! x

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