Bio Sculpture bubbling!


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May 13, 2012
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Alberta Canada
Hi everyone,

I am a new convert to Bio Sculpture and, up until this past week, I absolutely loved the product and the results! My nails looked so natural but were strong and grew like crazy!

After my first professional "fill" (4 weeks after the original application), my nail technician (who has been doing Bio Sculpture for 10 years) showed me how to keep my nails looking fresh in between fills. She suggested once a week to lightly buff the area where the gel meets the natural nail, then apply the Top Coat.

The first time I did this, it turned out beautifully! You couldn't even tell I had any new growth. My nails looked shiny and smooth and lovely!

This second time, I am having all sorts of trouble! I followed the exact same steps as before (buff, wash my hands to remove dust, apply top coat). They looked amazing (again) and I went to bed a happy camper!

The next morning, I noticed tiny little bubbles had formed near my cuticle where the new growth met the Bio Sculpture gel. I thought I hadn't let them dry enough, so I tried again. Removed all product and made sure everything was really dry. Next day, same result.

So I went in to my nail technician, and she thought there might be dust left on the nail bed or natural oils from my skin causing it. She redid them and they looked perfect.

Next day, major bubbling all over the nails and, it almost looks as though the nails weren't completely dry and picked up the imprint of my sheets?? on the nails themselves. I had the top coat applied in the morning and this appeared the next day - almost 24 hours later.

So now I have these bumpy, bubbling nails that look just horrid! I even tried to just very very lightly buff what she had done and redo the top coat (thinking I had bumped them accidentally) - same result! The top coat goes on smooth and clear and looks beautiful - until the next day!

Any idea what is going on?? I would think its the top coat I got, except she used a different bottle and it still did the same thing! I am using all Bio Sculpture products, btw so there isn't cross-contamination with other products.

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