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Nails at Home

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May 1, 2003
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Hampstead, London
Hi - I know everyone here are die hard Creative fans ;) and I too want to do some of their courses in the future but have to have a year's experience as a tech before I can :( Anyway, I did a Bio Sculpture one day conversion course a few weeks ago and so far find it to be a very good product - have had very positive results off all my clients :D :D

Just wondered if anyone else has views on this product and also if they've done the course how did they find their assessment day? I've got mine on Monday and was wondering exactly what to expect :rolleyes:
Hi ~ My friend did the Bio Sculpture course and used me as one of her guinea pigs to see how things went. Initially she just did overlays on my natural nails and we were both very impressed with the results. I'm very heavy on my nails and usually wear acrylics (and looooong tips!), so it was a bit strange getting used to short nails for a while. But there was absolutely no lifting (she was very thorough with the prep tho') and while my own nails grew there was no sign that I had an overlay on. Next we tried sculpting - now that was a different matter, but I'm probably to blame for most of that - because it's a flexible gel (and because I'm a terrible 'nibbler') I soon discovered that I could bend the tip while I was chewing on it (don't get that with acrylic so got bored chewing quite quickly) - the tip part didn't last long, about a day before I managed to destroy it, but it was so much fun bending it back and forth in between my teeth (shame on me!). She also used it on a few 'normal' people who didn't abuse their nails like me and they were all very impressed with it - especially the soak off time. Although I was impressed with it, I think Acrylics are best for me (given my destructive tendencies), but I was considering the conversion course myself - that was until I saw the price of the products :( At £70 - ish plus VAT for a normal size pot of Gel, I'm going to give it a miss. My friend got a shock when she found out the prices of the products as she wasn't made aware of them before signing up and paying for the course. I know they say you can charge more for Bio Sculpture, but when I was in the UK, the area I was in wouldn't pay more than the going rate, however good the products, and I think it will be the same here in Dublin. I'll be working from home, and while the salons in the city might get whatever they want to charge, I'll have to stick to a more attractive charge.

Good luck on your assessment day, I don't think my friend has done hers yet, she's been waiting for them to get back in touch with her to let her know when they are holding it.

Thanks for the advice Jackie. I find the natural nail overlays the best with Bio Sculpture too. :) :) However, I've had a client call me today who had her nails done two weeks ago - I did her tips rather than sculptures because I'm still practising sculptures and don't want to do them on full paying clients. She had one break last week which I repaired and then called me today - the day before her infills are due again and told me she's lost all but one nail in the last week!! :oops: :( :( It's really made me feel like a load of crap again although she did say that her daughter tells her it's because she's constantly cleaning all the time and she's decided that acrylics are probably better for her. I did her daughter's at the same time - had to replace two in the first week and apparently hers are ok still for infills on Monday. By the way the mum had VERY short nails and the daughter had bitten nails! But I did do my mum's two weeks ago too with the sculptures and she's got quite a lot of lifting when I looked at them today - she says she's been really pleased with them though and that she's in a job where she's very heavy handed but I don't know if this is a good enough excuse and if it's just my work that's crap :oops: :( Could you ask your friend how she's been getting on with her applications on the sculptures and tips please?

Thanks very much
Will do, I'll ask her next time I manage to catch her at home. In the meantime, there's a discussion forum on I'll copy the link below:

It's all about Bio Sculpture, posted by people who use it - you may find it some help.

Hiya, Just to let you know, I use Bio-sculpture gel and I love the product but personally think that it doesn't suit everyone. It is great for overlays, but I don't find the sculpting gel very strong :( and usually use tips for extensions. I don't get much lifting, but I do find the client has to be very careful to protect the gels against water, cleaning products etc.. and chlorine in swimming pools can remove the gel completely, even when protected with top coat or vaseline which is a problem! Going to look into a Creative L&P course, as the previous L&P training I did was vague to say the least, and the products were brittle and difficult to work with. Hang in there and practice loads! Clever Claws forum is really good for Bio-sculpture hints and tips. Love this website, loads of info on here and the tutorials are great!
i was jus wonderin about bio sculpture, i read about it in a mag. is it really expensive to start using?

i want a good overlay as my natural nails are quite weak now from enhancements, and i would like to try to get my own back.

also ive nearly completed my manicure course so it would be an extra service i could offer along with this.

p.s do you like little babe, my doggy jake!! :)
HI Nikita, Bio-sculpture starter kit (inc uv lamp) + training is about £300. You have to train with them, to buy their gels. They offer good support after the course as well. Hope this helps!

Nikita - Bio Sculpture is fantastic for natural nails in my opinion. I've always had longish nails myself even before doing a nail course but whenever they got to a certain length they'd start breaking one by one :( My first course was with Star Nails and I tried out their acrylic and gel as overlays on them but found their products lifted a lot especially on natural nails - mine are very curved so that never seems to help. Anyway, converted to Creative L & P - having a lot less problems but still waiting to have one year's experience as a tech before I can do their conversion course (am getting the products another way until then ;) ;) ) but I find that the Bio Sculpture gel is absolutely the best for the natural nail overlay :D :D It is more expensive than other gels there's no doubt about it but you can still make a decent profit out of it - also the other things I love about Bio Sculpture is that you can soak it off (have to file off quite a lot of other company's gels) and it seems to really make the natural nails grow quick :D :D Very kind from what I can see to the natural nail :D Anyway, hope this helps you make up your mind!

Saffirez - As I've said just now I agree totally with you regarding the overlays with Bio Sculpture :D but I have just found my first two customers who I used it on 2 weeks ago - a mother and daughter - both their sets of nails were off by the time I was due to do their infills 2 weeks later :( :( . Admittedly they both had short or bitten nails between them but apparently with one of them she said they didn't break - just lifted everywhere and she just ended up peeling them off :evil: I'd done the extensions with tips by the way. Anyway, did them both the Creative L & P full sets last night and am just hoping and preying they'll have better luck with them. So yeah, I completely agree with you that it doesn't suit everyone. Out of interest where do you live and would you mind telling me how much you charge for the Bio Sculpture? I'm charging £25 at the moment and live in North London but I'm told I should be charging more :?
big help thanks :)

do you know any of the prices? do they have a sample kit or anythin like that?
Hi Nikita - prices are as follows (excluding VAT) - 4ml pots of gel are £14.90 - these are only available in the colours but there are loads of colours available. The clear gel and sculpting gel is £29.79 for 10ml, £69 for 25ml. :( NOT CHEAP!! Then there are the various products such as soak off, cleansers etc which are fairly reasonable prices. The kit is generally £400 including a day's training but I got mine for £300 (inc VAT) because I booked it at the last Exhibition at Earls Court ;) Afraid they don't do a sample at all.

Hope this is of some help :)
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