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Little Angel

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Jul 28, 2003
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Hello all

I would like some advice on the following client problem. I have recently done some new record cards and on the bottom of them is a diclaimer and cancellation policy worded like this:

I may have complications for which i do not hold Honeybee Beauty responsible. I acknowledge that i have been advised of any aftercare that i may require. I am not knowingly suffering from any transferable disease or infection.
Cancellation policy: To keep our prices low, we must ask that if for any reason you are unable to attend your appointment that you give us at least 3 hours notice so we may fill your time. If notice is not given then we will require 50% of your appointment fee.
I have read and understand the above...

There is then a space for them to sign and date and the tech to sign.

Well the problem is that one particular client is refusing to sign saying she feels beholden if she does, she is a bit funny if you know what i mean. :rolleyes: Well i have told my therapist that if she dosent sign it then she carnt treat her as we wont be insured. (i know we will be but i want ALL client to sign them to protect us)

So i would like to know what you all think and what you would do in this situation.
DO you think i am doing the right thing or should i just let it slide for this client?

Many thanks in advance for all replies
No i would stick to my guns on this one. You let one client do this others will follow.
Salon policy should apply to all clients, So unless she signs, I personally wouldnt treat her.
Just my opinion
Little Angel said:
I may have complications for which i do not hold Honeybee Beauty responsible. I
Hi Little Angel - This is the only sentance I don't like because if I were a client, I would read like - wow I'm going to get comlications but they're telling me it's not their fault. I know that this may not be what you meant but it doesn't read in a positive manner - how about something on the lines of....

I have recieved professional advice from HBS and have chosen not to accept this professional advice. bla bla - then when someone wants 10" nails and you advise them not to coz they will break immediately - you are definitely NOT responsible - hope this made sense and you can see where I am coming from!! ;)

i should have put the whole thing up above the disclaimer and cp is this:

I acknowledge that due to: tick
another technicians lack of expertise
the prolonged use of stick ons
the medical condition that i have
the fact that i am a nail biter

and then the rest as above, do you think this is ok? or should i still reword it??
Thanks for your prompt reply and advice
also add -
I have chosen not to take the professional advice offered to me today...

hmmm - now that I know that is before, I think it sounds fine!! I would stand your ground - if she doesn't sign you don't take her on as a client. After all this is for her benefit!!!
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