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Oct 24, 2014
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Hi all haven't been on salon geek in ages but I was chatting to the hubby the other day and thought it would be a good idea on us trying to set up our own brand nail polishes as I am always coming up with crazy colours and ideas BUT I have no idea where to begin, I have tried researching but the only thing I have managed to find is a distributor for the glitters/pigments and liquid(nail polish suspension base) the main thing I wanted to know is do I need to be qualified to do this (I'm in the UK) and any other advice would be so helpful xx
I would have thought there's two ways to go about it.

1. Find a manufacture and get them to mix colours to your spec. I should have thought this would involve a minimum order of so many bottles of every colour, I'm sure they won't mix low numbers as it wouldn't be worth their while.

2. Find out how to mix/make your own. Is their a list of ingredients on the rear? You could send of a bottle to a lab who would break down the ingredients for you?

Is there regulations you have to adhere to? Where manufacturing these things?

Just a few thought in my head lol
Lol I kind of wanted to start with mixing my own I like being hands on with stuff and I have managed to find a website where it says I need to have product liability insurance but that's a no brainer, but also says I need a cosmetic product safety report and to register to cosmetic product notification portal but I have no idea what these 2 do and I have read up but it's all too confusing lol and yeah it has the list of ingredients of what is in the suspension liquid and the pigments/glitters x
You've already got the info on the safety side so just work though it. You know the ingredients so look for a supplier. Same for bottles and mixers. You're working with hazardous chemicals so follow H&S guidelines for that. Like everything else, if you don't want to do it then hire someone else to do it. If you want recipes for cosmetic products then go buy them.
Okay thanks I know that I would need a well ventilated area to work in so to be able to follow health and safety do you think it would be possible to work a spare room I have a spare bedroom that has a vent and big windows that open very wide
Yes and also protective clothing for yourself (face mask, gloves). Aah, this is all reminding me of when Hard Candy came onto the market and going into London with my friends especially to buy it from Selfridges :cool: Dineh Mohajer started the company in her bathroom!
Awesome yeah I will be investing in some gloves and protective stuff and really when I was doing research yesterday I came across the article of one of the well known nail polish brands essie I am even more determined to do this I told hubby that it will be a couple of months of me testing the polishes to get the right consistency of pigment and stuff all he said was as long as I don't test it on him it's all good [emoji85]
I'm sorry, but this seems like a bad and dangerous idea. Are you a chemist? The main ingredient in nail polish is nitrocellulose, which is flammable and explosive.
She's not going to be able to purchase raw materials like that, it'll be made up into a cosmetic product ready to mix.
The ingredient to mix the pigments into is nail polish suspension, as pamieD said I am not going to be buying the materials raw the suspension liquid is basically clear nail polish that you can mix the pigments or glitters into and yes the suspension liquid is flammable that is why I will be doing it in a well ventilated area but if you think about pretty much everything is flammable

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