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Dec 21, 2003
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East Anglia
Yesterday I had a client with very short bitten nails. I told her that she didn't have much nail bed to play with, buit she wanted to proceed. I managed to apply tips although I don't know how!!! and although I wasn't very happy with them the client was over the moon.

I know in these circumstances I would have been better to have sculptured the nails but I haven't built my confidence in this area. I got the client to sign a declaration stating that she had gone against my recommendations.

I was just wondering did I do right? What would you do with badly bitten nails? Your thoughts and opinions are appreciated.

Louise :
I personally believe that tips create a sleeker more attractive look on a severe nail biter than a sculpted nail. And I m a sculptor by and large!!

It has also been my experience that a tip lasts longer than a sculpt on this type of nail durring the first crucial weeks while the natural nail begins to grow out.

I think you did exactly the right thing and the client will break the odd nail most likely before her first rebalance because she is not used to them and she will play with them etc.

AS nail technicians it is our job not to turn this type of client away from our door. Nail enhancements were invented for this type of client!! True they may not last as long as they will for a client with a normal nail plate, but this is part of the 'growing pains' that the bitten client should be made aware of at the first appointment along with the need for weekily rebalances until more support has grown under the enhancement.
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