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Apr 26, 2003
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hi..........well ive found out a lot of info just lately about owning ur own biz.........did u know that to work in ur house the council can make u pay business rates for the part of the house u work in?

and did u know that u have to have a licence to play music to the public, cost £100 to play the radio and another £100 to play cds

and it cost £90 to get a licence to have a board outside ur shop........

do u need a licence to use the toilet too???? lol.........god i cant believe how many different licences u need to pay for............

Vicky x
Hi Vicky

It all sounds like a mine field!!

I remember reading of a salon who's insurance would not cover clients to use the strange :shock:
Does your insurance cover you for someone using the toilet and having an accident?

Not wanting to scare monger but just checking, you can get done for everything these days !

Divas Nails
licence's licence's and more clients will be using the hairdressers toilets and he has all the insurance, all i need is to insure my stock and sunbeds and get public liability and employer liability.........oh and i fink im gonna get insured incase i get mugged taking my millions to the bank.......... :arrow:
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