Black Toenail - What is it???


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Feb 1, 2003
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I have a client who came for her first pedicure last June 2002. At that time, she told me she had a bruise on her big toe we did the French she wanted and I painted a little daisy on the 'bruise' so no one could see it.

It looked as if the spot was growing out and/or fading but by then she stopped having pedicures.

Fast forward to today.....she asked me to do her pedicure. She shows up, I asked if she wanted a French, she says yes, but she bruised another toe.

After she soaked and I removed her polish, I see a black toenail (big toe). Ok..... next foot, I remove the polish and what do I see? That same toe as the year before STILL black. If that was a bruise, wouldn't it have grown out in a years time? Actually a year and one month now.

Is this fungus? I told her to go see a dermatologist immediately. She'll go too. She's the type that takes care of herself. But she thought she bruised the toes. She always wears sandals, is not a runner or an inline there is no pressure/strain or bumping the toe. She says she hardly ever wears sneakers or any closed toe shoe.

What do you think?????
Still could be a bruise but far more likely to be some type of bacterial infection.
Good call on the referral, a derm will sort her big black piggie straight out.
Was the black in the exact same spot? Was it the same size?

Toodles and keep us informed.
Well it's hard to remember, but I think that spot was in the same place and it looked like it was not getting any bigger. In fact, it looked as if it were growing out! Could have been my imagination though.

She said she'd go to the doctor, I'll post back what she finds out. Thanks a million.
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