Bleach bathing (aka cleansing bath/wash/rinse) and other colour removal techniques


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Apr 16, 2012
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Isle of Wight
Hi all

I'm after some recommendations as to the best bleach bath techniques/ratio's that you have found to be the most effective for removing/neutralising tone, removing colour, and pre-lighteneing. I am a level 3 student with a keen interest in (eventually!) becoming a colour tech.

We are taught...

1:1:1:1 of clarifying shampoo:bleach powder:really warm water:developer (6% to lift out colour or with 3% to remove tones)

and apply at the backwash, starting on the darkest areas first. I like to have a water spray at the ready (not just the shower head) to dilute any areas that may be lifting out quicker than others.

I know of some stylists who are completely against bleach baths for removing colour and rely solely on colour reducers for this as they focus only on the artificial molecules therefore much less damaging. But if the hair cortex is of good condition then I've found bleach bathing (cleansing bathing as we must call it at college!) is a very useful technique.

This isn't for advice for a specific client, and no i am not attempting a colour correction on my own! Nor am I going to go against the instructions of my tutor's while I am at college.

It's purely to gain a some tips from your more experienced selves on anything you've found to be useful or effective methods over your time in the industry.

Thanks :)
I wash the hair first with clarifying shampoo
then do 1 scoop powder
I scoop 6% peroxide
1 scoop of clarifying shampoo
Apply like you said its the same as yours I just don't add water I wash the hair and leave it wet
A tonal Rinse is bleach and warm water x

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