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Jan 9, 2008
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Hi geeks,

I wondered if you could help me on a personal question?

I am currently a Goldwell 6RV and have matching clip in REMY extensions.

I planning to go back to a plain 6. I always do this after going red! Anyway I was wondering, as I'm going to be bleach bathing my hair to get my desired result, does anybody know if I will be able to do the same with my extensions?(bleach bath them)

Thank you in advance!
Hiya I would never bleach extensions it can ruin them especially clip ins but it your going to try it then maybe just do a small section first to see xx
The clip ins, are they human hair? I would personally not want to bleach them but as above, you could always cut off a small bit and test first.
It's not recommend to bleach hair extensions it will absolutely ruin them! I've done it before and threw them out sane day! Xx
Hello:) yes they are human hair. Do they have a tendency to get frazzled if bleached?

Thank you for your replies!
They could get very damaged but also the hair can be from different people therefore can act differently when bleached I would think.
Yeah they frazzle and break off once you brush them bleach is the one thing I would touch extensions with xx
Clip in hair extensions don't dye lighter even with bleach. you can only dye darker x
Do they just not lighten then?xx
Has anyone successfully lightened their clip ins? Thank you geeklings!xx
I used to wear clip ins all the time and they've never lightened only darkened same with others I know who have tried I guess it depends on brand but like the other said its not good for the hair xx
I had halo hair extensions as my first ever said they were around a 4, I bleached and toned them to an ashy 10, they didn't feel amazing after but they Definately wernt ruined! Just do a strand test as you don't know what's underneath the colour and obviously don't want to risk damaging them

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