blemish and tired eyes pls help skin geeks


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Aug 10, 2006
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hello skin geeks,

can anyone give me a bit of advise into areas that could be causing me to look the way i do at the moment?

firstly my skin is sooooooo spotty i hate it. every morning i wake up to another one bigger than the one from the day before, it a nightmare.don't get me wrong i'm not covered all over my face with them it's just i have always got one big spot and most of the time there is no head to it abit like a boil maybe??

secondly i'm looking like i don't sleep anymore. my eyes look so tired and dark i hate leaving the house going to work because everyone say's "are you ok, you look tired?" GREAT thanks a lot !

i am a little stressed at the moment but wouldn't say it's a big problem, i'm sleeping well 10.30 till 7.00am well maybe 7.30 if i can open my eyes!and i have changed makeup products but i'm still getting these b****Y spots!

my routine at the moment is washing in a morning with a face scrub then applying my makeup (Clinique sun bronzer ) changed it from the maybelline mouse i was using. then when i return home from work i'm wiping it all off and applying a new product i brought at the weekend called ByeByeBlemish it's a U.S product not sure if it's a load of rubbish it proberly is lol. anyway i'm using this on all my big spots,small spots and pours that i can just see are trying to become a says only use once a day as it drys out the pours it's a funny liquid thing as it has powder at the bottom and your not supposed to shake it??then before bed another face scrub wash and more Bbb. as for my tired eyes i do have a condition (forgot the name) dry eyes which i have to apply "fake tears" everyday ,maybe this is related to my eye problem but i'm also using a DR Halik eye gel to help reduce the puffiness which does seem to be working (fingers crossed).

sorry i've waffled on so much but any ideas or tips on new products i could use i would love to know.

p.s sorry if i've posted in the wrong forum and it should be somewhere els pls move me if i have.:hug:
Sorry you're feeling bad about your skin :hug:.

Are the problems you're having occured just recently or have they been around for a long time?

Changed your diet, excercise regime? Illnesses?

One of the things which struck me most in your post was that you use s scrub twice a day. Is this an exfoliator? If it is, then unless it is made to be used daily, for example Dermalogica's Microfoliant, it is advisable to only use them twice a week.

By using products that are too harsh on the skin can actually create problems like blemishes.

Tired eyes can not only be down to the amount of sleep, but also diet, if you are drinking enough water or it can run in families.

BTW you have definately posted in the right place!!:)
I suffer with quite dark circles under my eyes. I use Cliniques eye gel or Roc eye cream which are both good. However, I have also read that dark circles may be due to problems with the kidneys. The suggested remedy was to drink 2 glasses of cranberry juice a day for 2 weeks to see if that helped. This may be true as I was in and out of hospital when I was little with kidney problems. Might not be the same for everyone though so don't start panicking!!!


Chloe x
Firstly I would ditch the scrub ! Ive had a few clients that have used daily exfoliators and when they've switched to something less harsh the difference has been really noticable.

Also not sure if you are using a moisturiser ? You should be following the cleanse, tone, mosituriser routine.

Do you have regular Facials ?

With regards to the eyes I would try a very light eye cream/gel/serum. There have been a few threads on puffy/tired eyes with lots of good advice im sure you will find something helpful.
thanks for the reply girls :hug:

sorry i forgot to say water, yes i'm trying to drink a litre a day more if i can.

the scrub, sorry if i said twice a day i meant one day i might use it in the morning and another day at night but only once a day no more than that.

i might get slapped wrists her but it was one i just picked up in boots, Apricot face scrub. i must say i have seen a difference since i've been using it my skin doesn't seem dull anymore more fresh looking.
i have only started using it this week just thought i needed something to help clean my pours. it just seems that no matter what i'm trying a new blemish just keeps appearing :sad:.

the dark eyes i have always had them since teens they just seem more puffy and darker at the moment. no one els in my family suffers from this just me.

i think i just hate being 27 and having blemishes it just doesn't look great.i love my hair, size,how i look overall but it just feels wasted because i have these blemishes as my accessories lol.

i do want to book myself into having a Crystal Clear facial, the salon by me has been doing it for a couple of months now, has anyone els tried or even uses this?
could this help maybe?

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