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Jul 2, 2007
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Isle of Man
I have been reading all the threads on blending and did a set of nails on a badly bitten client today. The blending looked absolutely perfect - you couldnt see any lines at all before acrylic was applied - I was of course really pleased.

However, once the acrylic was applied (used Sheer Pink Attraction - first time using this product as I was using simplicite by NSI) on some of the nails it looked like I hadn't blended at all :confused::confused: - I just dont get it:mad: Also, there were other white marks as well, which i really dont know what it was.

Please please does anyone have any ideas what I have done wrong.

Cheers all.
i also use nsi products and the best trick i was taught for blending was once you think you have blended the tip is to spray there sanatize spray over the whole nail and how it looks when it is still wet is how the nail will look when it is finished.i find this really works as sometimes i have thought that it was blended properly then when i sprayed it i could see that i sure this would really help you.i still use it now as it also helps get rid of dust as well as its main use of sanatizing the nails and hands of you and your client.
Thanks Tracey thats an excellent tip - as you use NSI and I am new to the attraction - which powder do you use for blemished nails? I only have the sheer pink at the moment.
i use the attractions and they have a pink masque but it does look a bubble gum colour. If you mix it with clear it will tone it down abit. They use pink masque to cover the free edge like a custom blend. They also do a kit so you can make any colour you want and it's half price at the mo for about £xx.xx and you get about 12 colours in it and a mixing chart.
Tracey - Thanks for your advice also is it that Technail Colours pack you mean at £xx.xx?
yes tracey was refering to the technail kit.ive also just bought it as it is half price.i use the classic and attraction powders.i have tried the pink masque but i too thought it looked abit bubble gum although i did find it looked better once i had applied the white.i use the sanatize spray at the beginning of a treatment and then again once ive blended the tips.its a great item.letme know how you get on with sure you'll find it helpful though
Excellent - thank you both I will definately get the kit and try the sanitiser
Hiya, I'm not sure I'm going to explain this properly but I'll try lol. This is just something that I have come across a couple of times when doing my own nails, normally my wrong hand lol.

Could it be that you are working a little dry? I found a couple of times that the attraction has kinds set up a bit too much and if you press it out it doesnt stick to the nail but kind of leaves a white mark where the L&P has not adhered to the nail. (I'm sure another more knowledgable geek can explain better).
Thats a possibility as it was only my first time using attraction.
I don't use NSI so can't be of use there but one thing that did occur to me was if you have an adequate light source? I use the daylight portable lamp which I find invaluable. Anything other than this (even a normal overhead light, or lamp) I find that afterwards the nails dont look as good as I'd originally thought.

Just a thought?!

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